Investment Dossiers

Moore's Northern Slopes 1You can download a copy of our most recent Dossier – our grassroots landscape restoration program. If you want to support farmers, rural communities, and sustainable land management issues, then our landscape restoration program is just right for you. This program is supported by The William Buckland Foundation and the Ian Potter Foundation.


NormanWettenhall_GrantsDossier 2_Page_4You can download a copy of our Investment Dossier here. This Dossier contains information about investing in the Small Environmental Grant Scheme – let us take care of your small grants for you.The Small Environmental Grant Scheme is proudly supported by the RE Ross Trust, the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation, The Yulgilbar Foundation, and private donors with sub-funds with the Australian Communities Foundation.

If you would like a hard copies posted, please let me know via email or call me on 5472 1316.