Landscape Restoration

landscape restoration – bottom up, grassroots, community

We have seven projects under our landscape restoration portfolio. All are being driven by the community groups whose members are living and working within a project’s particular landscape. We are wedded to each of these projects and liaise closely with them to reach targets, to share knowledge, and to provide support. This program is not open to application.

Regent Honeyeater Project Habitat Restoration in the Lurg Hills, NE Victoria

Connecting Country Restoring landscapes across the Mount Alexander region, central Victoria

JARR Project (Jack and Albert River Restoration), West Gippsland, Victoria

Beyond Bolac Caring for Catchments around Lake Bolac, western Victoria

LEAF Project Otway L.E.A.F (Linking Environment and Farms) Project, Otways, Victoria

GOANNA Project Loddon Plains Landcare Network, north of Bendigo, central Victoria

Swamps, Rivers and Ranges (our newest project, only just started) in NE Victoria around Wangaratta