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As a small philanthropic organisation, The Norman Wettenhall Foundation is interested in supporting and facilitating the vision-building process necessary in grassroots landscape restoration projects in Victoria.

The Norman Wettenhall Foundation is focused on looking beyond the allocation of physical resources, to promoting a cultural shift in values so that people work and live sustainably within their landscape.

For communities to move towards a different future, first they have to be able to imagine it. Consequently, the Foundation offers funds for vision-building so long as the process encompasses all the different land management interests within a landscape. Once such a grassroots vision for landscape restoration is produced, the Foundation will provide second stage funding to support prioritising and implementing identified strategies.

We have seven projects under our ‘umbrella’. All are being driven by the community groups whose members are living and working within a project’s particular landscape. We are wedded to each of these projects and liaise closely with them to reach targets, to share knowledge, and to provide support.

NWF is not interested in removing people from rural landscapes and creating yet more reserves. Ultimately, we have to find ways for rural people to live within the limits of their particular place. We are therefore seeking to foster the creation of partnerships across landscapes, which (at the very least) maintain or (at best) enhance the natural living environment.