About the Trust

Wettenhall Environment Trust (formally The Norman Wettenhall Foundation) began granting in 1997.

Wettenhall Environment Trust looks to support groups or individuals undertaking projects that will make a positive difference to the natural living environment, in land, sea or air, rural or urban.


In order to preserve and increase vitality and diversity in the Australian natural living environment, we aim to build capacity in local communities, as well as supporting and encouraging research, monitoring and education.


Wherever possible, funded projects will:

  • result in long term improvement of the natural environment
  • be innovative and serve as a model for future projects
  • show collaboration with other groups, particularly grassroots groups
  • indicate clearly, and thoughtfully, how advice of the project’s outcomes will be shared

There are three grants programs that the Trust administers:

  1. Small Environmental Grant Scheme
  2. Landscape Restoration Program
  3. Leadership Development Grants

See what grants are available.